Premises Liability

Insurance Compensation

If you have slipped and fallen and believe that you have a good case for prosecution of a property owner and/or employees on the premises, you should be aware that the compensation awarded in such cases is not limited to the costs of your one doctor’s appointment after the fall, when s/he confirmed that you did not suffer a true concussion. Compensation in slip and fall cases can go far beyond such minor expenses.

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Poor Lighting

red light ticket attorney
How many times have you noticed a doorway or stairway with insufficient lighting, a streetlight that is no longer working or that has no warning sign? Any slip and fall injury which results from a hazard that was known to the owner or manager of the property entitles the victim to file a lawsuit. In force are building codes that control standards of lighting and guidelines for warnings given and barriers that should be erected around hazards

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Wet Floors

Wet Floor Slip
Store managers of all types need to tell their employees that when they wash a floor, usually by mopping, they need to make sure that the floor dries quickly, either by through usage of a dry mop or by rapid evaporation. If you have slipped and fallen do not think that the court will look unkindly on you. In fact, the court will look at all of the evidence and could give you an award that will help to pay for expenses related to any pre-existing condition.

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Slip and Fall Accidents

Each year, at least 17,000 Americans are involved in fatal slip and fall accidents. Worse than that is the fact that slips and falls are the main cause of accidents that are fatal for those over the age of 65 years.

Those people who are older than 40 have at least a 55% chance of  suffering a serious and debilitating accident due to a slip and fall, throughout the duration of their life.

If you have had the misfortune to have been the victim of an accident due to a slip and fall, you might be contemplating whether you may require the services of an attorney. Normally, the person who is responsible for the injury is prepared to admit responsibility if an accident has taken place on their property. Sometimes, though, they want to settle payment before you have had the chance to study all your available options. This might be due to pressure put on them by their insurance company, particularly if the property was being used for business purposes where premises liability insurance will normally be held by the property owner.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

This situation makes it necessary to contact an accident lawyer. Any experienced, sympathetic slip and fall lawyer knows what the legal rights are for victims of slip and fall injuries and are able to pursue a suitable compensation claim against the person at fault. When inflicted with an injury there are many financial considerations to be evaluated before a claim is presented to the insurer of the person who has acted negligently. An assessment of medical costs now and into the future will need to be made. An assessment of lost wages will have to be also considered, along with the suffering and loss of enjoyment of life that has taken place.

You must not delay, as it is important to contact a slip and fall accident lawyer as soon as possible, so that your rights are protected. The first thing a slip and fall lawyer will do is to assess your situation and ensure a thorough investigation is carried so as to ensure you are compensate fully for your injury.

Why Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

This is not always clear cut and it needs the knowledge of a slip and fall lawyer who knows how to establish and locate who owns the premises where the injury took place

It could have been the fault of a service provider, such as a garbage collector or cleaner who left a trip hazard in the wrong place on the property. A slip and fall incident at a public school may mean making a local government accountable or if the fall took place in a post office, the responsible party would be the federal government.





Why Choose Us ?

If you really want a fair compensation package and you don’t want to be unfairly compensated by an insurance company, then you must contact a slip and fall lawyer to argue for your rights.

The hazard that caused the slip and fall could have just been short lived such as a liquid spilt in a in a supermarket and may have been removed soon after the incident erasing vital evidence. All the evidence will be uncovered by an experienced slip and fall lawyer as well as the identification of witnesses who will verify the incident. You don’t need to worry about medical assistance as a lawyer will make sure that you get the necessary treatment for your injuries.

A slip and fall lawyer will make sure any deadlines are met for submitting a claim. Sometimes the period is so short that it requires the services of a good slip and fall lawyer to make sure everything is in order before the final date. Once the date has gone then it is too late to make a claim.

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